#2 Silver Bells - Party Theme

#2 Silver Bells

#2 Silver Bells by nissaat featuring white gold diamond earrings
This is the second combination for the Silver Bell Theme. I hope you like it.

Markus Lupfer a line dress
The price of the dress is $615. Find it online in the link - veryexclusive.co.uk

Yves Salomon fur coat
The fur coat is sold out. For more check out the link - farfetch.com

Chloe Gosselin green pumps
The pumps are sold out as well. For more similar items check out the link - stylebop.com

N 21 shoulder handbag
The price of the bag is $701. Find it online in the link - net-a-porter.com

White gold diamond earrings
The price of the earrings was $116180, but now are on sale $64205. Find them online in the link -firenzejewels.com

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