Satin Dress.

Satin Dress.

Satin Dress. by nissaat featuring a blue dress
Hello Guys! Here is post today for a formal combination. I love the satin fabric and I think it look very chic and elegant. I combined the dress with beautiful embellished sandals and the same color clutch bag. Also completed with the gorgeous silver earrings. Enjoy! 

Galvan blue dress
The price of the dress is $1111. Find it online in the link-

Zadig Voltaire fake fur coat
The faux fur coat is sold out. For more check out the link -

Badgley Mischka high heel stiletto
The price of the sandals was $245, but now are on sale and they cost $129.Find them in the link -

Chanel chain strap purse
The price of the clutch bag is $10850. Find online in the link -

Ben-Amun antique earrings
The price of the earrings is $356. Find them online in the link -

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