All about that Bag.

All about that Bag.

All about that Bag. by nissaat featuring slip-on shoes
Hello Guys! Here is post for today. For this combination I decided to go for a vintage look. As you can see the Zimmermann dress has a 70s vibe on it, he is an amazing fashion designer with a lot more beautiful creations. Also the Gucci pumps in the same vintage style, combined with the clutch bag by Alexander McQueen. Which both of them have a lot more beautiful and unique creations. Enjoy!

Zimmermann embroidery dress
The dress is sold out. For more similar dresses check out the link -

Gucci slip-on shoes
The pumps are sold out too. But for more check out the link -

Alexander McQueen skull purse
Sadly the clutch bag is sold out. Check out the link and find other beautiful pieces from the collection -

Bride jewelry
The price of the earrings is $85. For more check out the link-

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